Simplify Your Financial Life

100 Ways to Streamline Your Money and Live the Abundant Life You Deserve

Dawn Starks’ mission throughout her career has been to demystify money matters for people who want to have control over their financial lives. In her new book, Simplify Your Financial Life, she provides 100 clear, easy-to-understand practices that will remove the financial clutter in your life and give you confidence with your money management. Freeing up that cluttered space in your life allows you to live more fully, intentionally, and without hindrances.

Less worry means a more abundant life and this book celebrates the generous gift of simplicity.

You’ll Learn:

Why having the right mindset is critical for financial success

How to streamline your day-to-day financial tasks

Why organizing your financial life is simpler than you think

How to develop habits that will propel you to the abundance you deserve

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“In her book Simplify Your Financial Life, Dawn Starks aligns the idea of leading a simpler, more minimalist life with the goal of tackling your financial life in easy-to-digest tips that anyone can understand and put into place. She makes simplifying your financial life surprisingly entertaining.”

Joshua Becker Founder of Becoming Minimalist Author of The Minimalist Home

Dawn Starks

About the Author

Dawn Starks has been a financial planner for over twenty years. During that time, she was also a financial radio show host, college instructor, and homeschooling mom. Despite her crazy busy life, Dawn has always worked toward minimalism and simple living. She now runs the popular website SimpleMoney, which features a weekly blog, podcast, and courses about personal finance and simple living. Dawn is passionate about empowering women and young people about financial literacy and the joys of living a full, but simple life.  

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